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Remember that? The theme from the 1960s Batman TV series? Well it’s as close as it gets without the actual sound track.

I remember it, and I bet many of you do, too. Kids today remember it as well, even if the versions they know of Batman are more high-tech than those from the 1960s. The stories and movies of Batman and his sidekick Robin, also known as The Dynamic Duo, have captivated the imaginations of American audiences for generations. They have become our fantastical American heroes because they captured the bad guy every time, and in our culture, we revere Batman and the other characters with toys that span these generations and keep the fantasy alive.

Batman Costumes

Batman Costumes

Let’s talk costumes. Batman masks, capes, belts with the Batman logo buckle, hard plastic breast plates, and tough black boots are still holiday costume favorites for kids and adults. They also provide hours of role play options that build socialization skills for kids at home in the neighborhood. Do your kids need exercise? There’s nothing like a Batman costume to help improve physical fitness through aerobic activity. Donning the costume requires simulations of flight that take the shape of running and flapping the cape like wings in the wind. There’s nothing like the freedom of pretending to be Batman.

Batman, Robin, and Other Action Figures

Batman Action Figures

Batman action figures help develop imaginations, but a Batman toy collection would not be complete without adding the side kick, Robin to aid in role play interactions. The villians are also necessary to this role play, and provide hours of fun with friends. The Joker, The Riddler, Cat Woman, Bat Girl, Alfred, and the others add spice to the stories you can invent with your Batman action figures. These characters provide hours of entertaining fun in staging reenactments of actual scenes from the movies, too. Their designs also span the generations, so you can cast your characters accordingly. Of course, no Batman action figure toy collection would be complete without a Bat Mobile, Bat Plane, Bat Boat, Bat Bike, Bat Ray, and Bat Cave complete with the sliding pole. And don’t forget the Bat Ray and Bat phone! There are even Lego sets to build Batman and other characters, or even make up your own.

Remote Control Batman Toys

Batman Remote Control Toy

Action figures depicting Batman come in all shapes and sizes. They also span generations in their designs and styles, but the most entertaining Batman figures are the ones operated by remote control. Some of remotes control the movements and the sounds the figures make. Others emit laser lights and electronic weaponry sounds similar to those heard in the Batman movies. Still other Batman action figures actually sit on the Bat Bike and simulate riding it. In toy stores, these are called Bat-Pods where the wheels on the bike are controlled via joystick remote control and turn side to side. You can also get a remote control Bat Mobile and a Helicopter Batman where the propellers sit atop his head and lift him upward. There is no shortage of fun when Batman toys are available for play. For more info visit: Best Batman Statues – WE collect games.

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